Where is your smartphone? In your hands? On the table? In your pocket? A new study found that nearly half of the users checks the phone once per hour. Of the respondents, 11% said they consult the mobile every few minutes. But there are those who are more "relaxed". See which group belongs.Several studies show that young people are increasingly need to be permanently connected and to feel anxious without access to the Internet or smartphones. The most recent analysis, the consultant  Gallup found that about half of users check their cell phones several times per hour.

The researchers ascertained that 11% of US users check the phone to "every few minutes", 41% check "a few times per hour", 20% occur "once every hour" and another 28% check "less often" .

The research firm also reported that 81% of people admitted leave their mobile phones around, "most of the time during the hours that are agreed" and 63% do so even when they are asleep. This condition is particularly frequent among young people, where one in five "checks the phone every few minutes."

Another study conducted at the beginning of the year  by the University of Basel, revealed that the use of smartphones overnight affects sleep quality and increases depressive risk in people under 17 years. The study indicated that only 17% of young people with a smartphone or puts off quietly equipment overnight.

At European level, the Portuguese youth are of more "abuse" of the smartphone. According to Net Children Go Mobile , 57% of children make excessive use of the smartphone. The amount exceeds the European average of 48% and among the countries covered is only surpassed by 65% the UK.