Here is the some favorites of  Singer Indira Joshi

Favorite dish?

Home made foods like. 'Healthy' and 'tasty', both by virtue of it.

Favorite beverage?

Watermelon juice, much to drink plenty of water when I found.

Place the rotation of the mind?

Where it came from Nepal is beautiful. I love traveling, especially precipitous valley.

Actor-actress favorite?

There are many actors. However, the younger generation of the actor Saugat Malla and a senior actress Gauri Malla.

What type of films catch your  hearts?

Based Real Story. Hollywood 'Blue Diamond' and the A Nepali Film"Jhola" that films touched my heart.

What should read the book?

Music related reads about :. Besides, enjoy literary book.

Favorite author?

A Big  fan BP Koirala .

Favorite literary work?

BP Koirala's novel 'father, mother and son, "I read it four times. Hari  Bansha Acharya 'China harayako manchhe' also touched the hearts.

Favorite gadget?

depend on a situation. 'Laptop' work is mostly inmportatnt.

Favorite song?

The song is ours is dynamic. depend on the mood